Erin Hoey, Founder of House of Bhāvanā

Vedic Meditation Teacher. Occupational Therapist. Mental Health Clinician

I am an independent Vedic Meditation teacher with a deep fascination and appreciation for the wonder, capacity and fragility of the human mind. Professionally I continue to discover this through my teaching and in my work as a mental health clinician and occupational therapist. 

I am committed to the practice and study of the Vedic wisdom tradition - a 5000 year old body of knowledge on how to live a full and expansive life. Drawing inspiration from all sources, including nature, poetry, the ocean and music, I offer a teaching style that is simultaneously light and deep, joyful and pragmatic. If it is beautiful, relevant and can be shared, it often weaves its way into my teaching.

We as a society are currently in a movement of self-improvement. I am less interested in the ‘improving’ and more interested in the exploring of oneself. Self-exploration through meditation, is a pathway to creating an inspired life filled with creativity, resilience, kindness, fun and grace.

I encourage you to come learn Vedic Meditation with me and join our growing community. I created House of Bhāvanā as a place to share practices that free people to apply discernment to their own inner and outer worlds. A space for connection, keeping it real and providing a curious and playful sense of spiritual and soul inquiry through meditation, shared knowledge and community.