Wintery Ginger & Persimmon Crumble


Living in harmony with our natural environment is key to staying healthy and balanced.  Eating with the seasons and adjusting our routines to accommodate for the time of year, enables us to sync with the natural rhythm of life. We are literally designed to eat this way, and when we do we find our food tastes better, we digest it better, it feels nourishing and ‘right’ in our bodies. It is also the easiest and most cost effective way of eating and grocery shopping. I always recommend supporting local growers, buying from farmers markets or sourcing the best quality produce you can find.

Now that its winter we move towards foods that are warming, nourishing and grounding. Foods for being cosy at home with fireplaces burning and candles lighting. An apple crumble has always been synonymous with winter in my family. This ginger and persimmon crumble is a twist on an old classic that Mum would make. Warming ginger, and nutmeg, sweet fruits, the heaviness of the oats and the butter, all pacifying yet soul enlivening for cold, grey, windy days.

You can’t go wrong with crumble. If you would prefer to make it gluten or dairy free you can do this easily, if you wish to add more butter or more coconut sugar for additional luxury you can do this too. Due to their texture, people tend to love or hate persimmons. If you are texturally challenged you can replace them with another seasonal fruit such as pears or apples. If you prefer more crumble less fruit, this recipe is all about you doing you baby.

Persimmons are the kings and queens of the Winter Fruits. They are currently in abundant supply, their bright orange skins bursting fourth of the shelves of stores and market benches. Don’t be afraid to get them overly ripe and less than perfect looking. For this recipe, once the fruit cooks down you’ll notice only its sweet deliciousness. I particularly love the soft persimmons (buy them so soft they are almost like jelly, like your fingers might burst their skins) though the harder persimmons work in this recipe too.


Wintery Ginger & Persimmon



The crumble

¼ cup of hazelnuts or macadamia (you could use another favoured nut)

1.5 cup of  rolled oats

50g of butter, melted (or if you are dairy free you can replace with coconut oil)

Pinch of sea salt

1 tbsp unprocessed honey or coconut sugar or brown sugar

2 tbsp of flour of choice

1 tsp ground ginger

The Fruit

5 or 6 ripe persimmons, peeled and cut into chunks

1 apple, peeled and cut into chunks

1/4 tsp pinch of nutmeg

Vanilla - a splash of pure vanilla or a scraping of a pod

1/2 cup of water

optional: 2 tbsp of finely chopped crystallised ginger 


- Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius

- Grease a small oven proof dish (approx. 20cm in diameter) with butter or olive oil.

The filling

Place all ingredients in a sauce pan and simmer on low for 5-10 minutes, until persimmons  start to fall apart, and the liquid starts to thicken. 

The crumble

Combine nuts and oats in a food processor and blitz for just 5 seconds, a mix of whole oats and blitzed oats goodness is key!  

Add remaining ingredients and mix well.


Add the filling into greased dish and evenly spread crumble mixture on top. Place in the oven and cook for 20 - 30 minutes or until golden and delicious.

Serve with a few slices of fresh persimmon and fresh organic cream or coconut yogurt if desired.

Delicious hot or cold for breakfast, snack or a sweet treat on the couch after dinner.

Erin Hoey