“I genuinely believe in paths crossing for a reason and at the right (divine) time. After exploring Erin’s social media, I felt a strong pull that Vedic meditation would assist me in finding my inward focus again. I didn’t read too much into the technique and followed my gut instinct I’d found my next teacher. 

I quickly discovered that Vedic meditation was the missing piece to my ever-evolving practice. My being was craving simplicity, creativity and ease; this was all delivered via the Vedic vehicle. I found Erin’s delivery easy to follow and digest.

The Vedic method takes all thinking and faff out of the equation. All I need is a watch and someplace to sit where I can be comfortable. The twice-daily twenty-minute meditations have fitted into my schedule beautifully, and I now drop everything to sit down to do them. I don’t even think twice, and there is no struggle or second-guessing, my body yearns for the practice even after the first few days.”

Kat Gregory - Yoga Teacher

Erin Hoey