Welcome to House of Bhāvanā

Our philosophy is simple. The quality of our mind determines the quality of our life.

At House of Bhāvanā we know that self-exploration is the gateway to an enhanced experience of life. We hold utmost reverence for ancient knowledge and recognise the relevance of such wisdom in our modern lives and modern minds.

We are nourished by the spiritual, the cultural and the creative. We seek to nourish you with the same.

bhāvanā: to cultivate your mind 

We teach Vedic Meditation, an effortless practice, designed to revitalise the mind and dissolve stress from the body.


Meditation is the foundation to an aligned and flowing life. A powerful antidote to stress and with the power to connect us to the most tuned in and turned on version of ourselves. When we meditate we access the state of ‘being’ the origin of consciousness, creativity, presence, clarity, energy and calm.


We share knowledge, tools and techniques to facilitate a deeper unfolding in the becoming of yourself. Drawing from Vedic knowledge, ancient wisdom, philosophy, science, art and literature, we invite a curious and playful sense of spiritual inquiry into your life.


We know that life is better when we share our experiences. The bigger story of community is a beautiful thing. That’s why we aim to connect unique, conscious, high-vibe humans with themselves and each other through our courses and events.